The Borough of San Francisco

The Borough of San Francisco is located in Telde and is a small corner of cobbled streets and old houses that remind us of what was Gran Canaria more than 400 years ago.

The Franciscan Convent of Santa María de la Antiguawas built by Fray Juan Felipe in 1610 in the Plaza de los Romeros square. Next to the convent we can admire the views of the ‘bridge of the 7 eyes’.

  • In Calle Portería, we find the Casa de Sall, an old Canarian house where nowadays there is a center of tourist interpretation.
  • As we walk through the cobbled streets of the Borough of San Francisco, we will see the 5 monteras that are still preserved.
  • These monteras helped the ladies of those years to climb on horseback comfortably.
  • A large Indian laurel (Ficus microcarpa) joins the 5 streets that connect the borough.In one of those houses, lived the famous Canary writer and poet Julián Torón.
  • And here, in the Borough of San Francisco, are our apartments in Telde, El Baladero.
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